VK4PP uBITX Add-On boards

All gone now, ordering closed.

I will publish the designs shortly.

RaduinoI2C (sold out)

  • Direct replacement for existing Raduino. Use stock FW or KD8CEC
  • Support for 4 external I2C devices, LCD, Audio amp
  • Works with Nextion.JLC displays
  • Uses Adafruit Si5153 Module
  • Better power filtering/Thermals
  • Voltage divider
  • PTT Pop Fix
  • AD8307 power meter
  • TH or SMD.

HPF (sold out)

  • 3.5mhz High Pass filter to stop AM Broadcast Interference
  • SMT Capacitors
  • T30-6 Toroids

CW Filter (sold out)

  • LM386 based
  • Changeable center freq, default (700hz)
  • 200hz wide
  • Easy On/Off Switchable

ND6T AGC (sold out)

Audio Breakout -  $2.00 ( 5 left. )
  • Easy access to Audio line for tapping in to attach add-on boards.

45 Mhz filter board -  $0.01 ( > 100 available )

Ordering & Postage:

Items sent in a DL envelope (As much as I can fit), standard letter postage:
VK Orders:  $1.50
DX Orders:  $3.50

Click here to order:
VK4PP Order Form

I will send you a total amount and a PayPal payment request.

73 Nick VK4PP


  1. Nick, just sent you an email from my good email address that goes straight to my phone. This email address here doesn't get checked that often. I had contacted you a month or so ago about these boards and at the time you were out. Loving my uBitx and the KD8CEC latest firmware, using 2 arduino's.

    Juddie WD8WV

  2. OH, CONGRATS on your upgrade!!!

    Juddie WD8WV

  3. Can you please confirm my order.

    Thank you


  4. Hi Nick, If you ever get more boards I want some.